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Central role for the Belgian Aeromodellers League

The Belgian Aeromodelers League (BAL) is the organisation taking care of all aeromodeling competitions in Belgium. The BAL is member of the Royal Belgian Aeroclub (ACRB-KBAC), the federation of all Belgian Air Sports, member of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

The BAL is managed by a board of eight members, emanating from either of the two regional federations of Belgian aeromodelling clubs :

  • Association d'Aéromodélisme (AAM) in the French and German speaking parts of the country
  • Vereniging voor Modelluchtvaartsport (VML) for the Dutch speaking part of the country
  • The BAL represents the Belgian aeromodellers at the National Airspace Authority (DGTA-DGLv)

    Structured in "sections"

    The structure consist of several so-called "sections", each of which is responsible for a specific aeromodelling category. See "Sport" for an overview.

    Each section is managed by a "coordinator" who takes care of all administrative matters for his/her specific category. On the field, depending on the part of the country where the event takes place, either the Dutch speaking or the French speaking "sporting director" acts as the local FAI judge.

    Model immatriculation and pilot identification

    According to the Belgian regulation, all models flown in Belgium must carry the official Belgian marking of their owner, in the format :

    • OO-AX1234 for the members of the French or German speaking federation AAM
    • OO-VX1234 for the members of the Dutch speaking federation VML

    In these markings, the letter X stands for the initial of the family name and 1234 is defined by the federation.

    In addition, the pilot must be identified by a national ID. All pilots member of either VML or AAM can use the identifier provided by his/her federation.

    According to the FAI Sporting code, all models flown in competitions in Belgium and abroad must carry the label BEL and the FAI ID

    These marks must be at least 25 mm high, except for indoor and scale models

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